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Matt left his successful naturopathic clinic with a vision to help more people per hour through natural product development and education.

After many years of consulting for other companies for innovation he built his own businesses to make wellness products and sports supplements starting up ATP Institute and Transdermal Industries which became the initial product range and educational content for and the inception of ATP Science.

As a co-founder of ATP Science and Head of Innovation Matt was responsible for product development, content creation and education. Creating the initial vision and the path to take a product from concept to launch. Matt has gained a reputation for creating new market categories and has also been able to predict key industry trends and apply these insights to strategic product concept development. 

Matt is experienced in natural product development for human health in the form of therapeutic goods (topical and oral), functional foods and cosmetics, as well as animal health products.

Matt was the face of ATP Science Product development and education and the ATP Project podcast which is currently ranked in the top five global health (fitness & nutrition) podcasts with over 400,000 listeners per month.

(That is Matt hiding behind a banana tree smiling at no one)
A discussion should be a genuine attempt to explore a subject rather than a battle between competing egos.

Edward de Bono

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