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Ken Ware Neurophysics

Check out my interview with the amazing Ken Ware.

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An Antiaging Case Study (Me)

What is antiaging and longevity? Antiaging and longevity refers to “Quality of Life” rather than time machines and immortality. Chronological age is just a number used as a point of reference. “You look good for your age”, “I’m too old for that”, “When I was young, I could…”, “old dogs can’t learn new tricks” etc. […]

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Meat and Garlic

Summary Long history of use as food and traditional medicine globally Thousands of modern scientific studies One of the most well researched and documented plants of all time Garlic offsets some of the potential health problems associated with eating meat. For example. Garlic reduces cardiovascular disease risk from eating meat Via microbiome and TMA production […]

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